Kids grow very fast and they learn to see past mummy and daddy very soon. In ten years you are totally off the hook and have to try really hard to keep your cool when they tell you that you are not invited for the movie marathon that is happening in your very own den. As their primary caregiver for the most of their life it is natural for you to feel hurt and left out in instances like this but we must understand that we need to let go at some point. They are no longer three and think that we have super powers that make booboos go away and that we work at Santa’s toy factory in the city. Professional family photography Perth are what we turn to when we miss that little boy or girl who struggled with her colours and threw a tantrum each time mummy and daddy kissed.

Newborn baby photography is what we flip through when we want to remember how their head smells, just when we are done with a load of basketball shorts and jerseys. Though we complain it is no secret that we love how much our kids depend on us and it takes a while to adjust to much everything does a complete 360 when they get to their pre-teens.If you are a young parent, my advice to you. Take loads of pictures and family videos.

They will serve as a precious keep sake for you son or daughter and be a window for you to revisit a time when you felt like you were on top of the world.We are all fighting demons in our head.

Am I a good enough parent? Am I teaching them the right way to life their life? Am I giving them enough freedom for them to explore their opportunities? Don’t beat yourself up with them. In parenting, nothing is black or white or set in stone so you need to do what it feels right to you in your heart and in your head and trust in your ability to do what is best for your children.Why do you ask these questions anyway? These are questions you are looking to answer so you may provide the most safest and loved home for our children and if you are ever in doubt whether you are doing enough for them just run though the pictures captured in the photos and you will have your answer.

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